Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Paintless Dent Repair (or Removal) allows damaged paint and bodywork on your car or truck to be repaired, but it relies on the surface of the body paint itself to be intact. PDR is most commonly used to repair damage caused by hail stones, door dings and creases, as well as larger dents and damage to auto bodylines.

The main advantage of PDR is that the original paint is retained, and this means that the value of yoru vehicle is maintained and preserved too. A vehicle which has undergone paint repairs tends to lose more value. PDR also allows a technique known as push to paint, or push for paint, which minimizes the use of body filler when it is required.

Modern auto body paint is flexible and strong, which allows PDR to be used successfully. The technique works equally well on aluminum and steel bodywork, but the main factors which determine successful application of PDR include the extent of the damage, intensity of impact, damage to the paint surface and integrity, the degree of curvature or flatness at the point of damage, and how thick or stretched the panel is in the area of damage.

Shallow dents and dings lend themselves to PDR very well, but you should always consult a professional to see if the damage to your auto lends itself to PDR. We are very experienced PDR specialists, and we have successfully repaired even large dents which less experienced and skilled technicians cannot touch.

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