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The Best PDR Specialist in Frederick – Unitary Dent Repair

Unitary Dent Repair of Frederick MD

Paintless Dent Removal or PDR, is a cheap and highly effective way of removing dings and dents from your vehicle. As long as the paint coating is still intact, then most damage can be repaired using the PDR technique, and it can be used on steel and aluminum bodywork too.

Dented car before PDR repairs
Before PDR – Dent Damage

Unitary Dent Repair is a mobile PDR provider serving Frederick MD and the surrounding area. We have made our reputation as the Go To PDR specialists for the major car dealers in the area, but we now also offer our services direct to the general public. It doesn’t matter where you are located, we will come out to you whether you are at home or at work.

Before pic of repaired dent using PDR
After Pic of Dent Repaired by Unitary Dent Repair

It typically takes about an hour to repair most dings and dents, though this depends on the extent of the damage your car or truck has suffered. A golf ball sized ding will usually be fixed and looking like brand new within 40 minutes!

Most paint and body work responds very well to PDR, and after the repair is made you will not be able to tell that there has been any damage at all.

With most vehicles, when you come to sell or trade them in for a new car or truck, the condition of the body work and how the paint work shows off your vehicle, is a major factor in determining how much you will get for it, and also in attracting potential buyers in the first place. The PDR process costs a fraction of the lost value in your vehicle, so it makes a great deal of financial sense to invest in the repairs.

Unitary Dent Repair is trusted by major car dealers in the Frederick and Central Maryland area to get their vehicles in showroom condition. We have years of experience handling PDR repairs, and the results we get mean that our dealer customers come back to us again and again. Don’t risk your car or truck in the hands of someone who does not have the training, skills, or experience with paintless dent repair!

Call us today for a no-obligation quote, and if you can, take a photograph of the ding or dent you are looking to have repaired so we can tailor a PDR solution to suit your needs.

Remember – Unitary Dent Repair will come to you!

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